Bride for Rent: A Trip Back to Local Chick-Flick

I can barely remember when the last time I paid for a movie ticket to watch a Tagalog movie. That is why when Charm told me we're watching Bride for Rent, I was admittedly kinda hesitant. But since she initiated and I thought it was a good chance to bond with her and Luwi, I ended up inside the dark cinema this evening, watching the film --

-- and loving every bit of it.

To be honest, I was never a fan of the Xian Lim-Kim Chiu tandem; but after witnessing their chemistry in the movie, I think they just earned my respect. In fairness to Kim, she has talent for comedy and I think I missed out on a lot when I refused to watch her previous films. And the god-damn-sexy Xian just had to be so, yeah, god-damn-sexy with his after-sex hair in some scenes. Though there are scenes he wasn't able to pull off well, I have to say he knows his humor so well. :)

The plot was kinda shallow though. I honestly didn't feel the weight of the climax because I don't think it was big enough to be the problem; but if you need just a good laugh, you know, a break from everything? I recommend this film. It's light. It's fun. It's filled with humor and a fair share of tears (or maybe I was just too emotional?hehe).

But yeah, let's not talk about technicalities. Let's talk about what the film made me feel.

Obvious in the title, this movie revolved around 'marriage'. At this age, will I be a hypocrite and not admit that I'm not thinking about it? Of course, it frequently visits my thoughts but I choose not to entertain it. I have no one to share the ideas with; so what's the use?

Somehow, it pushed me a little to the depressed side. You can call it envy, I guess. I may deny it a lot but I do feel jealous towards people who manage to find 'the one'. It was difficult but they won the battle and it is the best thing ever.

For a few times, the film insisted that when you find 'the one', you'll know immediately that he is 'the one'. How? No one can actually tell. You'll just feel it. You'll just know it.

I'm telling you a secret. They're telling the truth. I know because you know, I think I found the one already. It's just that he isn't looking at me. I even tried calling him, doing everything to catch his attention. But ALL to no avail.

And so I chose to walk away. 

Because if that didn't mean I should give up , I don't know what it was supposed to be anymore.

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