A Writer's Thought at 6AM

In life, we do a lot of things; 
things which define who we are and what we are in this world.

A self-confessed Jack of All Trades,
there are so much I can do.
People are proud of me, but I couldn't feel proud of myself.
I am a jack of all trades, yes;
but I'm a master of none.

But among everything I'm capable of, I have to say there's one thing I would consider myself best at:

Since I was in Grade 3, I have been fascinated with how pens inscribe ink on papers.
It's also magic to me how emotions turns to words.
I think it's my love for stories that drove me to this art,
or perhaps, it's the fact that no one bothers to listen to my voice ever since,
and writing became my escape.

Either way, this art has become my refuge, my relief.
It has undeniably become my sanctuary.

I think everybody really should have that one thing they're best at.
Because it gives them distinction.
It gives them that sense of pride, knowing that there's something they can do which not many can.
Writing is a good choice as not everyone can do it well.
But there are lots of other crafts to flourish in.

Find yours.

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