St. Peter Yu Daechol: A Brand New Inspiration

In my life, there are only a few things I take seriously. Among my top favorites are my Catholic faith and my love for Korea. Its combination led me to my interest towards St. Andrew Kim Taegon whose parish is located in Lolomboy, Bocaue, Bulacan. 

As I was researching about his life, I came across another saint who I must admit touched my heart immediately. His name is St. Peter Yu Daechol (성 유대철 베드로). 

As shown by the picture, St. Peter Yu was only 13 years old when he was martyred. He was born on 1826 during the Joseon Dynasty. Back then, Confucianism was the predominant religion and Catholics were persecuted and tortured. 

According to several articles in the internet, the young saint wasn't treated that well by his mother and two sisters because of their hatred towards Christianity. His father though, Augustine Yu Jin Gil was also a convert and was later on martyred for his faith. From this story, we could conclude that the young Yu got his strong faith from his father.

The campaign against Christianity was getting stronger and stronger. Being a mere 13 year old boy, St. Peter Yu Daechol turned himself to the authorities and confessed his faith. However, he did not renounce it. That's why he was tortured severely that he managed to tear some of his flesh and throw it to the judges with a smile.

St. Peter Yu Daechol was imprisoned after the torture. There, he encouraged other prisoners to believe in the Catholic faith. He met his death after he was strangled there on October 31, 1839. He was proclaimed as one of the Martyrs of Korea and was canonized as saint en masse by Pope John Paul II when he visited Korea on 1984. They are remembered every 20th of September.

I am yet to understand the whole story of St. Peter Yu Daechol that's why I am planning to visit the Korean nuns in Lolomboy soon. I am curious. I am hungry for information. And more than anything else, I am inspired. 

Understanding the summary of his short but meaningful life, St. Peter Yu Daechol had quickly made me wonder what a 24-year-old grown up person like I am can do for the faith. His courage and determination to die as a Christian was definitely imposing. 

I wish my faith's as strong as his. 

St. Peter Yu Daechol, please guide us from heaven always. 

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