What Time Is It? 2PM : An Unexpected Date

It wasn't in my plan to watch. I am not a fan and I don't have the money to buy myself a concert ticket. MOA Arena isn't that near to my house and I do not exactly take interest on the group. 

But things went different when Desiree called me. She said she got VIP tickets to the concert courtesy of Globe and asked if I would like to come. After a few seconds of hesitation, I decided to give it a try. My reason? I want to try the Premiere Lounge of MOA Arena.

Des and I met at Trinoma at around 4:30PM. Ate Yan and Ate Zhill were with us too; and together, we went to the concert venue where we met up with Ate Andhie, Ate Mitzi, Ate Katz, and Ate Tere. Excitedly, we headed to the VIP lounge of Globe and were immediately astounded with the luxury. It was luxury at its best! It was so nice I knew I'll have to dedicate a separate blog about it!

Before the concert started, we were really worried. There were literally LOTS of vacant seats. Apparently, the show wasn't sold out and as I am used to a jam-packed venue (Super Shows), I felt quite sad that 2PM will hold a concert with such low attendance. Even though I'm not a fan, I fear that the boys' mood will go down. They're still artists who value their concerts, after all.

Nonetheless, the concert began; and I tell you, it was far from what I expected. 

I couldn't provide you with a detailed fan account because I didn't really pay attention to what they were doing. The whole time, I was totally attuned to the atmosphere inside the arena. It was really hyped up in there! Although there were some technical problems at first, the energy coming from the boys and the crowd really compensated well. 

photo courtesy of JYP Entertainment via Facebook
I enjoyed the song line-up, although two are a little boring for my taste. Let me be particular with Chansung's performance because he was really one hot, sexy man! Jun.K, Junho, and Wooyoung had their solo numbers. Khun played the piano for his performance, and Taecyeon turned into a DJ-Rapper as he performed his self-composed song. 

As the concert progressed, I found myself getting more and more engrossed with the boys. I am talking about the fan service. There's a lot of things I've heard about them but as I've said, attending the concert didn't make me a fan; but the boys had proven me that most of my initial impressions about them are wrong. They held a really enjoyable show that I really forgot we weren't in a sold-out concert; and for those words to come from a picky person as I am, that is saying something. I guess it somehow should be attributed to the fact that communication wasn't really a problem since Khun, Taecyeon and Jun. K. are natural English speakers. 

I also love the fact that the team exerted effort to personalize a video. I am referring to the 'Thank You' VTR. Junho put a heart on Mach 2, and a Tagalog message was shown at the end of it. Though it was all thanks to the high-tech editing capabilities of the JYP staffs, it still meant effort which I am really grateful for.

Going on, those who went to see them were constantly talking about the fan service the boys gave. Wooyoung sang  the Tong Tong Tong Pakitong-kitong Song and it was really fun! They said several Tagalog phrases like mahal ko halo-halo and gutom ako to impress us all; and that basically captured every attendee's hearts. I mean, nothing flatters Filipinos more than foreign artists learning the language, right? And it goes better when they shun from the typical Mabuhay! and mahal ko kayo! 2PM boys did that.

The concert ended with the boys somehow refusing to leave the stage. I can tell because they kept on coming back when all else left. Chansung even took his shirt off to throw to the fans (reminded me much of Leeteuk on SS3 Manila) and Khun was running around, signaling 'Thanks' to the crowd. And me? I was staring at them, figuring out how a non-fan as I am was so touched. 

Yes, people call what they did fan service. But I refuse to believe that. I want to convince myself that the boys did that on their own accord because they enjoyed the concert as much as we did. I hold Khun's tweet right after the concert as an attestation to that. 

It was a fun night, indeed; and I commend 2PM for it. Who would have thought I'll enjoy it, right? It was really an unexpected date which turned into an unforgettable moment! And I have Globe (and Desiree) to thank for making it all happen. Talagang sa Globe, posible. 

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