CNBLUE Live in Manila at June 15, 2013!

After three years of stanning one of the best bands in South Korea, I will finally get to see them. Earlier this year, it has been announced that Manila is one of the stops for CNBLUE's world tour. And today, it's confirmed. 

CNBLUE will be having a concert on June 15, 2013 at (much to my glee!) Araneta Coliseum.

We have waited for so long for this; and at last, it's happening. There's no stopping now. I have especially intended a part of my loan for this band and I'm not gonna let anybody hinder my plans. I'll be seeing them as a birthday gift for myself, and I'm gonna have fun!

Now, now... I was often asked in the past why I like the group. Well, first of all, they are a band; and their existence brought me back to my first love - ROCK MUSIC. I see them as the fulfillment of my two interests (ROCK and KPOP) and any argument is invalid. I know, they're once again caught between back-to-back issues of plagiarism and copyright infringements but being a fan for three years, I know them enough to say that if there are groups in KPOP who knows music like the back of their hands, CNBLUE is certainly one of them.

That leads us to my second reason. I like CNBLUE because they do their own music. They are not entirely dependent on others for their hits. Sure, they released songs which are not theirs; but everybody knows that they have gotten past that stage - which they never liked, by the way - and is now proving themselves as real musicians.

Lastly, the CNBLUE members know what they're in the industry for; and they keep their feet planted on the ground. I believe in my instincts. Fan accounts would prove that claim. Humility is the main characteristic of the band, and I guess there's no better thing than that.

Now that the confirmation is announced, I can't help but feel very excited. Finally, the light stick I bought on Singapore last year will be put to use. But what's more exciting is that in a few months, I'll get to hear how better they are in live performances.

I seriously can't wait.

And I really want to thank PULP because they have insisted that the concert be held at the Araneta Coliseum. Being the dome that it is, the sound quality will surely be great. I can then rest assured that the boys will appreciate their experience, when it comes to their stage performances.

There, there, self. Go figure out how you can keep calm.

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