KEEP IT CHEAP: Surviving KPOP Fashion 101

I have been a writer for Coordinuna for quite some time now and it exposed me to how much influence KPOP idols have on fashion today. Flaunting unique styles and concepts, each artist set trends which fans naturally follow. However, the problem here is that artists do not have 'normal' preferences when it comes to their attires. They prefer MCM, Gucci, Burberry, Christian Louboutin, Guiseppe Zanotti, and many other designer brands which are too expensive for ordinary fans to buy. This is where it gets depressing. It makes people ask: "How can I survive KPOP fashion without breaking into the bank?"

1. Find an artist who suits your style.
I mean, look for a model. It helps to find someone who has the same body frame as yours. Study their style. Figure out their preferences. Decide on whether you can rock their outfits when you wear them. The first step to following the trend is to have a model. It could be crucial, yet will make everything easier.

2. Look for similar items.
When you've decided on which ensemble to wear, find apparels similar to it. Depend on the design, color, and print. I, for example, brought a jacket from Oxygen (1,800php 299php) similar to this. One thing to remember is that sensible people will not judge you for wearing non-branded items similar to your favorite KPOP artist's. However, you should be wary because similar is different to piracy and imitation - which is normally frowned upon anywhere.

3. Never get tired of shopping.
I don't suggest overspending. What I meant was you should not get tired of finding similar items from cheaper malls and stores. In the Philippines, I normally go to Divisoria or Tutuban; but since I stay away from huge crowds these days, I go to malls for the sale. Find and compare prices and quality. Chances are there are cheaper items you can find. As much as possible, do not do impulsive buying.

4. Shop online for accessories. 
Here's a confession: I am not an accessory person; but I am planning to buy accessories exactly similar to my favorite artists to fulfill this ridiculous fantasy of sharing couple items with them. And I usually find them on online stores. Try GMarket and Yesasia. If you don't prefer this, you can settle for ordinary accessory items in streets and find cute stuffs there... or maybe, if you have friends coming to Korea, bribe them with other stuff and ask them to go to Myungdong where there are lots of stalls selling nice accessories.

5. Get your hair style changed.
The most basic thing to KPOP-ize your fashion sense is to change your hair style. You can color it, or have it permed, or cut it anyway you like! Sometimes, when your hair is stylish, you can go for simple and cheaper outfits; because naturally, your crowning glory will do all the talking. I suggest that you invest on this and find a nice salon where your hair is sure to be treated well.

6. Wear make-up.
You don't need to put a lot of colors on your face when going out. BB cream, simple eye colors/liner, lipstick, and mascara will do. The basic technique here is to make yourself look like you're not wearing make-up at all! Go for nude colors.

7. Be confident.
The most important technique in surviving KPOP fashion is to be confident. Once you've found the right clothes for you and you know you look good on it, be confident and carry yourself elegantly! Good ensembles do not really make sense if the one wearing it doesn't believe so. Believe that you are beautiful, and see how it makes you radiate.

To be honest, I am not a fashion guru; but since I am a simple young adult who believes that fashion needs not to be expensive, I've given you the abovementioned suggestions. I hope you pick something nice from it.

You? What do you do to survive KPOP fashion and keep it cheap?

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