Meycauayan Spot: Chef Ram's


Straying away from the idea of a typical carinderia (eatery), Chef Ram's is indeed a breather to me. Instead of going to SM Marilao for some sizzling specials, I just have to ride a tricycle from the parish to this little space and I'm in for some terrific meal.

Chef Ram's Sizzling Hub is located in Saluysoy, Meycauayan City. It is in a quite shabby location but that doesn't stop people from really standing outside, waiting for diners to finish and leave so they can get their turn to eat. I, myself, have waited already - and it is always worth it.

Beef Sirloin

The idea of Chef Ram's in Meycauayan is really inviting. Aside from the fact that the menu consists of really affordable meals, the dishes are really delicious! I can really recommend the Beef Teriyaki and Sisig with Egg. Even the chicken's nice! I love how the skin was so crispy and the marinate tasted really obvious even after deep frying.

And my most favorite in Chef Ram's? THE UNLIMITED GRAVY! It tastes simple, yes; but the fact that it is a good alternate for soup pawns everything else. It is served on a lamp-like stainless bowl and it's bottomless. Sometimes, I pour it over my rice then ask for refill. Hihi.

Overall, Chef Ram's is an ideal budget dining experience in Meycauayan which I can really recommend to everyone. You'll love it as much as we did, for sure.

Chef Ram's is located before the road to Libis, a little distance past the Chapel of Saluysoy and before the house of Cong. Linabelle Villarica. From Banga, you can ride the tricycle to Saluysoy; or you can just walk from Libis.

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