Is Being a Writer... BORING?

Whenever I say I am a writer who works from home, many gets envious. Well, who wouldn't? I am exempted from the hellish traffic of Metro Manila and I could always wake up a few minutes before log-in time and still not be late. But after a few breathing, they would eventually comment on how dull my work is. I don't meet new people and I am stuck in the four corners of my room. 

So sometimes, I wonder myself: Is being a writer really boring? For some, maybe. But for me? Never.

1. Being a writer makes me practice what I love doing.

I have a lot of pens and sheets of paper stuck at home. The most used application in my old and dull Blackberry phone is the memo pad (and the drafts for my Samsung). I don't listen to lullabies to send myself to sleep. Instead, I write. 

Basically, I love writing. I have known that since I was a kid. It is the only thing I'm confident at. It is the only thing I have. It is my lifeline, my passion, my everything. Take it away and I'll be a lifeless soul. 

So why would I get bored of being a writer? 

2. Being a writer exposes me to new knowledge.

Next to writing, my most loved thing is reading. I am a sucker for knowledge. I love discovering things about the world, about myself. If I could, I would just want to stay as a student for the rest of my life. I even read the dictionary, although that would sound creepy as fuck. But yeah, I do. It's fun reading the dictionary, especially if you call yourself a 'writer'.

Basically, being a writer requires me to do research. I could not write anything I have no clue about, after all. So I read a lot and read a little more. I am not being geeky or what but my brain is a glutton. It is always looking for food, which are new pieces of information.

So if I'm learning about a lot of things, why would I get bored?

3. Being a writer brings me to different places.

Truth is: I don't just read to be able to write. I go to places. As a blogger, I need first-hand experiences about the things I will write; and as a travel writer, I am looking forward to going to different cities - even though the company would not fund my trip. I've actually started on one: Singapore.

So if being a writer takes me to different cities, why get bored?

4. Being a writer saves me from getting lost.

When I went to Singapore, I never felt worried about getting lost. Well, it's not just because everything is accessible to the country; but also due to the fact that I am familiar with a lot of things already, way before I went there. I got that from writing different articles about Singapore's tourism. 

Now, if somebody would bring me to South Korea, I tell you, I could find my way around easily. Thanks, Manager Hyung!

Tell me again, why should I get bored with my job?

5. Being a writer makes me meet different people.

Most of my real life friends who I treasure a lot, I have met through my blog. They're wonderful people who share the same interests as mine. Let me be particular with Yuxing-Unnie, a beautiful Singaporean girl who used to follow The Angels' Haven. I could totally say she's a soulmate since we are basically similar about everything, and I finally met her (after three years!!!) when I visited Singapore on February this year.

Who said I don't get to meet fabulous people because of my boring job?

6. Being a writer allows me to make more money.

I'll be particular with being an online writer. I am stuck at home. I work for my full-time work from 9AM to 6PM; and then I do my part time jobs immediately afterwards. If I would, I could find another job which could let me work from 11PM-4AM, and that would be another source of money. I can feed my family, I can buy whatever I want, I can fund my KPOP addiction.

My capitals? Knowledge and determination.

There's so much to do. Why should I get bored?

7. Being a writer challenges me a lot.

There's this thing we call 'Writer's Block'. It is that time of the day, week or month when I don't know what to write anymore. So as someone who lives through writing, it is my constant challenge to combat that mood. 

And you know, challenges would always relieve the boredom in me. How come I'd get bored?

8. Being a writer makes me proud of myself.

Compared to other people, I have nothing but my writing abilities. As I've said, this is the only thing that I'm good at; and there is not a lot of people who is good at it. So I'm really grateful that I can write decent articles and blogs. I could even write stories. Not many could do it properly. I'm proud.

I swear, it's impossible to get bored with constantly being proud of yourself.

9. Being a writer makes me feel free.

I worked as an office-based writer and a proofreader before I finally settled about being a homebased writer. And without hesitations, I could say that my present job is the best among the three. Why? Because time is mine. I've got no restrictions. There's no CCTV camera behind me, observing everything I do. Social networking sites are not blocked in my computer so I could open it whenever I feel tired.

Furthermore, I could work while lying in the comfort of my bed, in my pajamas. I could eat, listen to music, watch a movie, smoke cigs, and do whatever - and still be efficient with my work. (Actually, I work faster with distractions, and that's ironic.)

On a more serious note, I am free because I exercise the Freedom of Expression the best. I could say what I want and not be judged (because I could edit it before posting).

I've got freedom because I am a writer. What's boring with that?

10. Being a writer does not take me away from my family.

Although it gets annoying at times, my present job allows me to be with my family 24/7. I could help/annoy my parents, bond with/get annoyed by my brother, and cuddle with my dogs anytime. Fun, right?

How can I get bored?

Come to think of it... A writer is usually underappreciated because it does not earn as much as managers, accountants, and other professions do. But that doesn't make it boring for me. Writing is still, by far, the most interesting job there is; and I have told you all why already.

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