Meycauayan Spots: Kyoto Ramen Station

Aside from Our Kitchen, another favorite dining spot of mine in Meycauayan is Kyoto Ramen Station. Located in Malhacan, it is a wonderful restaurant serving quite a variety of authentic Japanese dishes.

Some dishes served in Kyoto Ramen aren't here, so better ask Tito Badz.
Kyoto Ramen is owned and operated by Tito Valdz. He was a cook in Kyoto, Japan for several years before he came back to the Philippines for good. He's a homosexual so it gets more fun because he never runs out of stories, sometimes obscene though, which he will willingly tell you as you feast over your food. He would even teach you some Japanese phrases if you want. A really warm person!

The restaurant isn't really big. I think it has a capacity for only 13-14 people, maximum. The store interior isn't really that 'Japanese' but it exudes a homey feel... like you could just eat in the counter of your home as you watch your TV, while someone cooks your food in front of you. 

nice piece in front of me. ORCHIDS!!!


Another piece made up of a stack of chopsticks. CREATIVE!

there goes your LCD TV with cable connection.
I didn't see this when I first went there........

CALIFORNIA MAKI!!!! This is awesome, I swear! 180.00 per plate!
The authentic (and my favorite) RAMEN! 80.00 per small bowl

Yakisoba!!! 120.00 per bowl

Me, in Norman's forever blurred shot

Me, with Norman and Fhay. Photo from Kuya Caloi. =)
Coming to Meycauayan for this lovely Japanese restaurant is really worth it. Believe me.

If you are coming from Meycauayan Exit, head to Savemore and park there. The restaurant is just a few steps away from it, just in front of the old chapel.

If you are coming from McArthur Hi-way, go to 7-11 Meycauayan. There's a tricycle terminal there and ride one to Lumang Simbahan near Simbahang Bilog (Parish of San Isidro & San Roque). Kyoto Ramen is just across the chapel. Just near SM Savemore.

For order pick-up, just contact these numbers:
09328761527 | 09158870107


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