Koreanization 101: How to Make Sheep Ears!

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I've always found sheep ears cute. You know, that's what Koreans do with their towels when they go to saunas or public baths. So I decided to learn it, and I realized that it was really easy I could use it for accessory everyday. hahaha.

Here's how:

1. Get a towel and fold it into three, lengthwise.

2. Take both ends and fold it as if you're folding your sleeves, until you're sure that it won't fall off. The remaining space between should fit your head.

3. Pull it slightly so it would somehow tighten. This would also make the 'sheep ears' look a little more of a bun?

4. Find the opening and your sheep ears towel is ready to be worn. :)

Excuse the table cover and excuse my fail tutorial. But I hope you got it. =) I used a smaller towel so it would be easy to take a video of it. =)

Here's how I look with it:

I know, I know. My face looked horrible. :) But I wanna see yours! :) You're free to comment! Link me your pics!!! <3

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