Learning Life's Lessons from Naruto

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I have always rejected my friends when they tell me to read Naruto during college. I was so obsessed with my KPOP addiction back then that I couldn't find my way out in order to appreciate other things. I thought Naruto would be a story about ninjas who just keep on fighting and would not make sense.

But apparently, I got it all wrong.

Driven by the constant blabbers of my friends, I decided to give it a try. I refused to watch the anime since video loading and downloads aren't really the specialty of my internet provider. And I prefer it when I read so  yeah, I went over the manga from chapter to chapter and finished the 564 chapters in two weeks :) LOVELY.

But what makes the thing more special is that I was given a glimpse of who I really am. Indeed, what adults will never really understand is that there lies the greatest lessons in life in things they think are just for kids.. like this series. Honestly, I see a bit of myself in every character. Further, I was driven to understand life more.

Death, pain, hatred... These are the things which make living difficult. There's no way we could get away from it. But Naruto taught me that self-sacrifice is something that could change it, and much more, acceptance that love could revolutionize it all.

We all dream of a peaceful world yet we don't know how to start it. Our determination lacks. We are constantly overruled by the desire to avenge ourselves and our loved ones against people who have hurt us all. And if we triumphed over them, they will avenge us too together with their kin. That's the reason why hate wouldn't end.

The manga is yet to finish and so we're yet to be given ideas as to how we could achieve peace. But with this 564 chapters, I already am thankful that one of the greatest lessons in life have been carved in my heart and convinced me that I really should be an instrument of change...

And I won't go back on my word. Because that should be my ninja way. :)

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