Hardwork Surpasses Genius

Lately, I've been depressed about things that I couldn't do. My frustrations has overwhelmed me a bit and sent me off the track. But as I unwind through reading Naruto manga on mangareader.net, I came across this dialogue of Rock Lee from Chapter 38:

Sometimes, the most unexpected lessons in life can be picked up from readings which this world thinks are only for kids. :)

In the story, Rock Lee mastered Taijutsu to compensate for his inability to perfect other kinds of jutsu like the Genjutsu and Ninjutsu. So that's like mastering Martial Arts to fight against magic. And through his abilities, he managed to defeat Sasuke on their first match, which he actually insisted.

Now that's determination.

You see, we've been too tangled with the thoughts of failing. Just because we couldn't do something - which others can, we begin to think low of ourselves. But what we fail to realize is that no matter how complex things might seem to be, HARDWORK SURPASSES GENIUS. That alone, when deeply instilled on our minds, is a strong motivating factor for us to excel on our own and continue living.

Life is difficult, especially that the world is so judgmental. But like how Rock Lee puts it, the ability to stand out and gain respect from everyone does not depend on looks, bloodlines, or clans. Sometimes, it just takes a little hard work.

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