Meycauayan Spots: Randy Simbol's Salon

Frankly speaking, if it's not for Louie and Kuya Marvin, I wouldn't have known that there's a very impressive hair salon in Meycauayan who will finally make me understand why beauty salons are necessary in a community.

Owned by Randy Simbol, this salon is located in Calvario, Meycauayan City. As I was exposed to likes of Tony and Jackey, the place's layout is typical for me. But if we are to compare this among the different salons in Meycauayan, there is no denying that I would prefer this place over anything else. It has the minimalist feel which I undoubtedly adore.

Aside from being the proprietor, Randy is the main hair stylist. I first went to him last July and I loved what he did to my hair. When I got home, I told my friend that I've worn the layered hairstyle a lot of times in the past already but I think it's only when I had it cut by Randy did it actually look good on me. 

Just recently, I got my hair colored there too. Although it was Randy's assistant (I forgot to get his name!) who did the job, it was still under his supervision and it turned out good. :) At the moment, I am actually loving the changes and I'm just so thankful that I actually entrusted a huge part of it on this new friend.

I am yet to discover about Randy's background on cosmetics and hair styling but I guess you can check out his Facebook page to at least get the idea of how credible he is. He's friends with Mannie Halasan, the gown and crown designer I blogged about last time; and his clients include Cong. Linabelle Villarica and Vice Mayor Jojo Manzano.

My new look is a little refreshing compared to others. I felt like I've finally matched my age. Thanks to Luwi and Randy, and Randy's assistant. LOL

please excuse my nose.

Should you plan to get a huge makeover, or you just want to really be beautiful for an event, I suggest that you visit Randy Simbol's salon. Haircut is Php100.00, My current hairstyle (hair color, 2tubes Medium Ash Blonde + Highlights) costed me Php1,000.00. Quite expensive for many, but I think it's just worth it for a hair as thick as mine. LMAO.

To those who wish to try his expertise, you can visit his salon in Calvario through the help of the crappy map below. It's in Meycauayan and I think I've detailed every important landmark that would make you find your way easily. If I personally know you, drop by the house and I can bring you there whenever you like.

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