[BOOK REVIEW] 50 Shades Freed by E.L. James

Okay. So this is the final review for the trilogy and I hope I would be allowed to be very honest here.

Negative first. 

The story was a little draggy to me, that I had to skip some parts on the beginning until almost 60% of the book (or maybe I was just sleepy when I read it?) and then when things just get riled up and the climax is finally on, things got rushed. 

I hate it when that happens. But I cannot blame the author. Perhaps, it's the fact that there are many questions raised during the first two books that everything had to be done that way; but personally, I could say that that 60% could have been cut into half and then add the 30% taken to the remaining 40%, then make the story much, much more enticing and detailed. 

And perhaps, (OOPS SPOILER HERE!) I was just too inclined with stories where the heroine had to be severely battered and not just kicked on the rib, that I really would have loved it more if Anastasia had to battle it out so she could have displayed more things she had learned from Ray, the ex-army stepfather. 

That's it.. for the downside. 

Despite the minimal flaws I saw, 50 Shades of Freed was really a good story. It did answer questions. It did sufficed me with reasons why things happened in the first two books. I really liked the fact that Anastasia remained to be the brave young girl who fought for herself, for her family and for the people she loved. We are already in an advanced world where chauvinism (excuse me if I exaggerated with the term) may also be expected from women, and this book had added to the list of the stories which prove that. Gender equality! Girl Power! Yeah!

And I think I have to admit that I actually cried during the part where Ana was saying goodbye to Christian over the phone at the bank. I also cried during the confrontation when Christian was being a ridiculous, idiotic, and selfish bastard for not accepting his son easily. My thing for rejection kicked in and the waterworks came. When that happened, I knew that I loved the story more than I thought I did.

Although it was really rushed, I really loved the 'bedtime story'. It's good that the author found a nice way to tell Christian's history (which I was dying to know). I felt like it was a breather. You know, most times they're in bed, they're just having sex; so it's something new that they really just laid on the bed, talk about things and gear themselves up for a new future that awaits. I guess I have to thank the incident and Christian's self control for that matter. HAHA!

At the end, there was an epilogue that dates to 2014. Okay, so that's two years from now and Ted's born already, Christian's enjoying the life of a father, and Ana's pregnant with another kid. Like one blog had said, it's a happily ever after, and I think I liked it just like that. 

Then, there's Christian's short story as a child. It may seem boring at first but I loved that part. You know, Christmas is like a a symbol of redemption. You get to enjoy the season only if you are truly happy or - at least - when you know that you should be happy. Christmas is a time for kids, and Christian - celebrating his first Christmas with the Greys - is like a refreshing memory to always remember. It signifies that Christian was finally a child - free from all sorts of pains and horrible experiences.

The last bonus material was my favorite. It's a whole new perspective. Like Midnight Sun of the Twilight Saga. It's a quick trip through Christian's mind, and I would love to read that. The 50 Shades Trilogy was written on Ana's point of view, as we all know. 

Argh. I really want that part to be turned into another trilogy because I want to read it as much as I want to read Midnight Sun. 

So yeah, 50 Shades Trilogy was a very interesting read (obscene scenes included!) and to people, it's more than just the sex. Some friends tagged it as the 'porn book' but skip all those details and the story is still good.

Take time to read it, people. :)

P.S. I'm not joking nor exaggerating; but most times I intend to type 'CHRISTIAN' in this post, I end up typing 'JAMES'...............................................................

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