Tips for Fangirls: How to Make Money Online during Summer and Beyond

Contrary to what others believe, being a fangirl is not an easy task. Aside from the fact that we are constantly in an emotional rollercoaster ride, our pockets are always devastated. Indeed, this is a very expensive hobby; and so we obviously need money.

Making money is another challenge, though - especially for students. Merchandises are definitely not cheap and not all parents are supportive of this interest. If they are, we cannot expect them to just provide for us all the time. Somehow, we have to learn how to make money on our own... which is definitely not easy.

So guys, I'm giving you some tips on how to earn the cash to finance your fandom needs, without leaving the precious computer. I hope that through this compilation, you would find the drive to be independent when it comes to this kind of matter:

1. oDesk 

oDesk is definitely a nice site for those who wish to work at home. I personally hasn't tried working for it yet but according to Irev who earns through this site, people look for employers there. Then if hired, they're gonna work like call center agents, most of the time, as night-shifters. You're going to get paid like a typical full-time worker through Paypal. Freelancing is possible in oDesk too. Usually, jobs offered here has something to do with content writing, seo marketing and secretarial services. If you've got what it takes, sign up now.

2. Nuffnang

Those who love blogging would love Nuffnang. It is an online community that posts advertisements on your blog, and the rule is: if people click those banners/skyscrapers, then you earn money. It's a pay-per-click campaign Nuffnang is focusing on. Although earning is quite slow here, as most readers really know what are ads and what are not, it wouldn't hurt to have your blog registered here. However, I think this is applicable to bloggers from Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, China, Hong Kong and Australia may join! But I'm pretty sure, they're working on extending their services to more countries!

3. Churp Churp

Churp Churp is basically a partner of Nuffnang. Although it practically focuses on social marketing. Now, this is exciting. You just need accounts on social networking sites, many contacts, and you're ready to earn money. What you will basically have to do is to promote the campaigns made available to you. This attracted me because it's like pay-per-click too. You know how much you might earn because rates are given to you. The thing is, I think this is available only for Filipinos.

4. Google AdSense

This is a complicated version of Nuffnang, for me. LOL. Seriously, it's basically the most responsible with the advertisements you see on different blogs. You sign up for Google Adsense and let people click the ads so that you'll earn. However, it has to be known that the blog must be approved before advertisements may be posted. allows Google Adsense even if you haven't bought your domain yet. Wordpress is the opposite. For more info, go to the official site.

5. Adf.Ly

For fangirls who are into, you notice that before you're led to the direct video link, you have to wait for 5 seconds? That's Adf.Ly, a nice site to help you earn money. The technique here is that if you think that the link you want to share will be viral, use an link. The more people clicking the link, the more chances you have of earning a lot. Although it's a quite-slow earning machine, is still a good source of additional finances, right? :)

6. WordLinx

Honestly, I'm not interested with WordLinx but hey, it still produces money just by clicking, so why not take the chance? LOL. I honestly don't know what to do with this but from time to time, I am asked to click a lot of links and then wait for a few seconds, and then I see my money-meter increasing. I think it's a good online money-making site to try. :) Go to WordLinx now.

Right now, these are all the sites I'm trying to use to get the money I need for my fangirling activities. I know it wouldn't be easy to some, but isn't it better to have something to do wherein you earn during summer break, when your parents wouldn't bother to give you your allowance? :)

So happy earning guys! :) We can do this!!! :)

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