I have always been very, very lazy busy that sometimes, I couldn't even find time to go out of the house and go to the bank to settle things I need to settle. I guess that's what happen when you've been working homebased for like eight months already. I'm just here at home, I receive my salary through my bank account... and that's basically the reason why I suddenly realize that going to the bank for some simple errands could be really, really stressful sometimes. LOL (<--I'm just crazy. Don't believe the same way I do.)

I've seen it as a problem. I often couldn't send my donations to World Vision on time because of this. (OKAY. I admit, sometimes, I really am too busy to go to banks.) So I decided to enroll my account in online banking of BPI...

And yeah, it made life easier.


For the plain reason that I have an account there? LOLJK. 

Thing is, it's very handy. Imagine, I can pay bills within a few minutes just as long as my account has money (which is not always the case. boohoo.) I can pay my SUN Cellular bill, Globe, MERALCO, Maynilad, World Vision, Dragon Pay Corp (for flights at Air Asia), even tuition fees in major universities in Manila and other parts of the country. Also, you can even reload your Globe/Touch Mobile prepaid accounts with your online account! 

For a list of the merchants you can deal with with BPI Express Online, visit this link

Other banks have this feature, of course. But since I don't have accounts with them, I'm telling you about this one. :)


  • To enjoy this goodness, you have to enroll your account for an online account. What you basically have to do is to register on the website ( 

  • A window will pop up and you will be asked to confirm whether you have a debit or credit card. If you have, click on Continue.

  • Choose which account you have with BPI. Mine's an ATM-based BPI so I clicked on the first option. If you have two or more accounts with the bank, you have to finish activating one account first before you enroll the other, as said in the note.

  • Click on whichever are applicable to you.

  • Read the Terms of Agreement stated on the next page. At the bottom part, click on 'Agree'.

  • Supply the following information:
As said, the JAI is the Joint Account Indicator. It is the 2-digit number embossed at the end of your name in your ATM card.

I couldn't figure out the next window to pop out after you click on Submit because I don't have a spare BPI account and my mom wouldn't let me use hers, afraid that I will get her money. hehehe. But I am telling you that it is understandable already from there. I think you would have to supply your username and password afterwards.........

IMPORTANT NOTE: After enrolling your account, you have 20 days to go to the nearest BPI ATM to activate your account. Activating is as easy as doing withdrawals. Just press on 'Special Services'. Anyway, if you don't feel like going out, you can just call the hotline at 89-100 to activate the enrollment.


Third party accounts are those accounts to which you need to transfer funds. It's basically the merchants you are supposed to do business with or the other personal accounts to which you would have to transfer money from time to time. (This is how we do it with my salary.) 

Basically, there are different ways available to enroll the account. I went to the nearest BPI branch to do so since I don't really like printing materials or I do not need to mail the application coz I'm just a few stone's throws away from the bank.

It took me like less than 5 minutes to finish the transaction. I was just told to fill up a form, supplying it with the accounts I want to enroll (as you can see, I enrolled Dragon Pay Corp and World Vision, and I'm gonna enroll SUNCellular later.). And it was activated after 24 hours.

I am yet to try how to transfer funds but as soon as I get to do so, I will document how. :)

For now, please just focus on making things less complicated for you. :) Enjoy an easier life!


  1. Yay to online transactions! So convenient!

  2. oooh so this is what you were talking about. very convenient. yaaaay!

    1. YES YES ! You just have to enroll it and then online transactions na :) You can even pay bills with it. :))