The Maze of Destiny

Do you guys believe in destiny?

Well, I do. Even if doesn't seem so, I do believe in the existence of fate. Maybe it's my religion but since I was young, I have always believed that God has already planned our lives for us even before we were born. In heaven, they keep this what I call the 'Book of Life' wherein everything is detailed. From how we will inhale our first breath to how long we will exhale our last, I believe it's there. We are destined to do what God wants us to do, and we could never say no.

To me, life is like a maze. Once we start to find our way out of it, we are given the freedom to choose which way to go. We could turn left or turn right, or just go straight ahead. When we hit the dead end, we just go back to the track we were taking before we bumped into it and take the other way. Whatever we do, wherever we go, the main goal is to find the ending... just one ending.

You see, we are given the free will but it's still what He wants to happen that will happen. We may make the wrong decisions and we may get hurt in the process, but all we have to do is to revert to where we came from and settle for the other choice. It's just like applying the science of trial and error. Life is that simple.

Everything happens for a reason. God has made sure of that; because He knows how doubting and meticulous his creations' minds can be. The thing is, He never planned to get us used to spoon-feeding. He gives challenges for us to face to strengthen us and polish us to become better individuals, worthy of the fantastic destinies that await us in the end of this maze.

Because for all we know, God is not a selfish God. Whatever kind of destiny He had designed for us, rest assured that it is the best. Because as His masterpieces which He created in His own image and likeness, we deserve nothing less.

Honestly, I do not know what happened why I'm suddenly writing about this Godly inspiring thought, but I think it is part of my job as one of His precious children to impart whatever realization I have.

So stop countering His plans with yours; because believe it or not, it is still He who put those ideas in your brain. If we want to be happy, why not try believing in destiny?

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