Top 5 Things that a KPOP Fan Girl Must Have

It is not difficult to be a fan girl, but it's not easy either. There are so many things which fan girls do so they can satisfy themselves with their positions. No, I'm not talking about being a sasaeng and all. Fan girls can be fan girls without being too obnoxious, remember that.

Being the owner and sole admin of WeLoveLeeteuk, I have encountered several questions in the past pertaining to how to become a fan girl. Actually, I have no answers for it...

But let me share to you the most basic things which I think every SERIOUS fan girl should have:

  1. Passport. I know this is ridiculous but every serious fan girl must have her passport. Honestly, this is something we can scrap off the list, especially if your idols frequent your country. But to me who's living in The Philippines, the easiest way to see them is to travel to different countries. I have gone to Singapore already for Super Show 4, and if money would permit, I would want to travel to Korea... And with that, I need a passport (and a visa, if aplicable.)
  2. Money. Being a fangirl is not a joke. It is like one of the most expensive hobbies in the world. Thus, we need money. But the biggest question is, where do we get it? Honestly, I only indulged myself in the fandom when I started working. So yeah, if you want to be a serious fangirl, you've got to get a job; and not just rely on the money your parents are giving you. Make use of that one good thing about fangirling - learning how to be independent. If you want to earn money, btw, go click this link. It's easy. :)
  3. Towel - This is not the typical bath towel, guys. This is what you raise during the concert. Personally, I think that every fangirl who attends concerts should have atleast one towel. Based on experience, it's easy to get a moment with your idol when you have his towel with you. :p
  4. Lightstick - If I think the towel is necessary, then the lightstick is MORE necessary. What's unique about KPOP concerts is that the audience gets to amplify the excitement inside the venue. It's very imposing to see an ocean of a certain color when the lights inside the concert venue are turned out. It makes you feel like you're in a different dimension. However, one thing that we must understand is that there are some KPOP groups who have their own colors. For example, Super Junior has the Sapphire Blue Ocean... You don't attend their concert and bring a multi-colored one, unless it's for a project.
  5. Camera - Fangirls love photos as to us, it is the biggest proof that we've been a part of a concert. We use these photos/videos to reminisce and remind ourselves of how wonderful the KPOP world is. Honestly, I don't think it is necessary that the camera is a very expensive one. As long as it produces good picture and it is easy to hide (hehehe :p), it is okay. ^_^
Okay. So there are a lot more things which a fan girl must have; but I think these five are the most important. Now, before you go to your parents and ask them to give these all to you, let me just make it clear that fangirling is not always joining the status quo. You become a fangirl not through getting these items or literally following your idols around. There's more to being a fangirl than those. So yeah, think first before you show this blog post to your moms and dads okay? I don't want to receive bashes from everywhere. :p

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