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This Christmas has undeniably turned out to be one of the best days I've ever had. Aside from the fact that I have celebrated it differently (since I went to the mall with friends and it's the first time I've ever done that on a December 25th), I have given myself a great present: I gave myself a complete set of Bob Ong's books!

I've started collecting the books after I graduated high school on 2005 but some of my copies were lost after I have lent it to people who do not know how to treat books well. And since I am really a big fan of Bob Ong (and because I was damn frustrated that I couldn't buy that pair of shoes in People are People), I went to National Bookstore with Emil and Lui and bought four new books to complete my collection. <3 

If you want to read personal reviews of his books, please click Read more. <3

FIRST BOOK: ABNKKBSNPLAKo?! (Wow! I Can Already Read?!)
Read as Aba Nakakabasa Na Pala Ako?! , this is the first book of Roberto Ong (pen name only) and it is my personal favorite. I think it's safe to say that it is somewhat the start of a four-book autobiography.
The first book focuses on how the author was during his life as a student. It talked about the typical challenges of the academics, in the life of a typical person who attends school. I actually saw myself in him that I even cried on one part (read pages 85-87).
In this book, he also said that a person must have at least one favorite author in his life.. and when I read that, I knew already who's mine. :)

People say that the second book is a mere compilation of posts in the internet (bobongpinoy) but I think it had served its purpose well. This is an interesting book as it talks about the society and usual political status of the Philippines. More so, the layout is kinda unique because if you're really gonna read it in public, people would think that you're reading it upside down. :)
I bet that this book should be like a bible to the government officials. I mean, if they would be able to internalize every word in this book, conscience will grow in them and this country would definitely be a better place.

A controversial book, I must say it is. This black book talks about religion. Every chapter talks about one of the seven deadly sins: *VENY - ENVY | *GERAN - ANGER | *DEPIR - PRIDE | *VENTOCOSEUSS - COVETOUSNESS | *TULS - LUST | *GYNOTTUL - GLUTTONY | *HOLTS - SLOTH.
I don't really get the conversation of God and the dead man so I think I have to reread it again.. for like the 14th time already?

FOURTH BOOK: ALAMAT NG GUBAT (History of the Jungle)
As how many believes it to be, I also think that the fourth book talks about the current status of our government in the Philippines. It is a parody that presents facts and suggestions on how to make the country a better place, if only deciphered in a good way.
It is like a children's book, printed in gloss and full colors; but it really does strike the hearts of the Filipinos whose minds are open to changes and possibilities. :>
When I learned that Bob Ong released a book like this, I was really kinda taken aback. I never thought that he would release a short story... which I later on discovered to be a little test.

This fifth book surpassed my admiration for the first one. Until now, Stainless Longganisa is my most favorite read because I felt like it's the story of my life as a writer. If not, it is a good book where aiming and current writers could pick up lessons from. :)
The fifth book, as usual is comedic; but it is where I learned that it has always been Bob Ong's dream to write novels. The release of the fourth book is merely a try if he will still be accepted by the public once he ends his four-book life story. :>
I guess the reason why I loved this so much is because I felt like I was the one who wrote the book. Words are taken out my mouth! Really!



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Books are the best ally of people who are looking for free and definite fun. So guys, go read. It expands your knowledge, it feeds your mind. :D And if you want to grow the virtue of being nationalistic within you, read Bob Ong's books~!


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