Why Exactly Do I Need Money?

I won't be a hypocrite and tell the whole world that I don't need money to be happy. Come on. In this age where everything has to be paid, I need stable sources of finances. And unfortunately, I am one of the millions who have to work her ass out first in order to earn. I am not a daughter of a tycoon, nor was I born with a golden spoon in my mouth. I am an ordinary person, and I need money.

But the thing is: WHY DO I NEED MONEY?

First thing: I am the breadwinner of the family. I am the only one working; and though my parents are receiving their monthly pension (since both of them are senior citizens already), it is still not enough. My grandmother is already at her golden age and is getting sickly nowadays. Her bank account is close to depleting and her medications are just so expensive. And then my brother is still studying (though thankfully, he's graduating next year already.) So imagine the pressure in me. I have to feed my family.

But of course, I cannot let myself just do everything for that sort of motivation. I need to give something to myself. So yeah, I need money to satisfy my wants. I am a KPOP lover and I tell you, it's not easy to be one. Fangirls need money to become a true-blue fangirl; and I'm not joking. On February, I'm flying to Singapore for Super Show 4. Come midyear 2012, I know I'm going back there for Bluestorm. And it's not just a simple case of obsession. To see Super Junior and CNBlue live are necessities to me. They are my stress relievers and they are my rewards. :)

Lastly, I need money because I want to help people. Right now, I'm sponsoring a child through World Vision. Although I used the name of Park Jungsu, it's still me who's paying for it. No complaints. Actually, I have also pledged support to a friend who I know is terribly in need of finances too. Although she's somehow working for us as househelp in return, I try my best to give her more than she's working for. I don't know why I'm like this towards her. Maybe it's just that I want her to feel supported by a family, which she was deprived of, since childhood. (Her mother died when she was like 4 or 5? Then her father had to go abroad - then later die, and she was being treated like trash by her relatives for the reason that she's an orphan.)


Yes, I need money because I need to do a lot of things. And I am just thankful to God because ever since I graduated, I was never in great need for money. I wish this continues until 2012. I hope more job opportunities come my way so that I could help more people. :)

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