The Good Things about Quitting on Cigarettes

I was supposed to go to bed already when I began to contemplate on the past week. Nothing special really happened. My mood was practically down these past few days and only last night did I realize why I’m being like this.

Withdrawal syndrome.

It has been 13 days since I last smoked. Because of severe cough and never-ending colds, I had to take a break from puffing these death sticks. Now that I understand it, it’s definitely difficult when I suddenly stop. My mood gets unpredictable; my mind goes blank.

But you know, I think I’ll prefer it this way. Because I think I have to take advantage of this opportunity to complete shun my cigarette addiction.

My motivations? The good things about quitting on cigs.
  1. It gives my heart literal peace. The first phase of withdrawal naturally makes me restless but I think things will eventually get better. A few weeks to months of struggles would be worth it if I would give my heart a break from sudden palpitations and all threats. Yes to a healthy heart now! ^^
  2. It helps my skin improve. It was just five days since I stopped; but I think I can already see some slight changes on my skin. When I was smoking, I would feel like my skin’s so dry. Now it has gone back to being oily. HAHA. Two evil ends.
  3. It saves me money. With my responsibility towards my family and with my desire to go to wherever I want to go, I need to save money. And if I would keep that 10-peso-a-day budget for 5 sticks of Marlboro light, I would be able to save more or less 300 pesos a month! ^^
  4. It brings me back my self-esteem. Having read a lot of girly blogs, I was quite convinced that cigarette isn’t really a way of being cool. Sure it eases stress but if we think about it, everything about nicotine is a pigment of our endless reasoning – our desire to escape from the enclaves of being proven wrong with our beliefs.
  5. It frees my mind from guilt. In our house, my parents do not know that I smoke. Dad must have had this inkling already but my constant denial would always prevail. So stopping would free me from thinking that I am a disappointment to my parents.
Sure, smoking has some sort of positive effects; but all those things are just temporary. At the end of each day, smoking still kills. Its content, Nicotine, may be known for its medicinal purposes; but anything that’s too much is wrong. And in the case of smoking, it is acceptable not to have it at all.


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    1. yes yes!!! i stopped smoking for new year and i'm getting on for 15 days already! hehehehe XD Thank you unnieeee!! <3