Those Few Friends

Contrary to what others believe, I am not exactly a friendly person. Due to the painful things that happened to me in the past, my safety is consistently turned on and I tend to close my world from others. I learned the hard way not to easily trust. I do not easily get comfortable. I believe that I do not need many friends.

Just a few, real ones, is enough.

Last week, I have spent time with some of these few friends. One came home from Abu Dhabi so we had a little get together. It was fun as stories kept pouring in. We went to a short getaway - something which we haven't done in like eight years - and we had a good time catching up.

As I write this, I keep on thinking about how amazing it is that even though a lot of things had changed, some things remain the same. It's amazing how we still feel like how we were in high school - carefree and young.

To be honest, it feels good to have people around you to remind you of who you were years back. Well, I meant the good side. Even though high school wasn't exactly the best for me, these few friends had made it all worth it.

Back then, I have always thought of relinquishing all connections from the era of my life. But right now, I feel grateful that I didn't. I feel thankful that although I've kept lots of people from there out of my life, I allowed these few to enter the door and fortunately, they chose to stay.

I can't really imagine life without them.

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