Grace 3.0

I have never really gotten the chance to prove myself that I've turned graceful enough this July although I'm pretty contented with how better I have become. This is some real talk, okay. It's pretty nice how I have managed to control all emotions and stayed focus and feminine (for the lack of better word) this month.

But I think it's not enough.

That is why I have decided to move on to Grace 3.0 for August. It sounds ridiculous but I'm planning to open up my world again to people so here goes real application of this virtue. I have never really paid great attention to this month since before but let me try to somehow make it special.

I have learned that one secret to being happy is maintaining gracefulness. It gives me the kind of impression on myself that things are going fine and I'm not being judged because for once, I am acting appropriately. Although I slip sometimes, I compensate it by acting more like a beautiful swan than a lost, ugly duckling.

Others may not agree on this simply because they don't want to; but who cares?

Anyway... yeah, August's starting. Can't believe we have 5 months left before 2013 ends. How fast time flies, right?

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