The Secret to Fulfillment

I attended mass this morning. On his sermon, the priest relayed a lot of stories but one thing hit me directly. He said that people could feel a sense of fulfillment if they know that they did things that changed other people's lives. He mentioned something about leaving a legacy, and I was brought to thinking hard.

Have I done anything yet for me to be remembered after I die?

Truth is, I don't know what I have done in the past years of my life. A lot of people have come in and out of my world (as I did to theirs) but have I ever done anything to change the way they see life? Did any of my words manage to affect them so much that they start to become someone better? Did any of my actions served as examples that convinced to be greater than whoever they already are?

I want to think that I did already, even if I'm not really the best person there is in this world. But in case I ended up realizing that I haven't yet...

Then maybe it's about time that I start thinking of what I should do to be someone of great value.

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