Extended Life

One year ago, I had no idea that God would let me feel how it is to have an extended life. It was the same day, same time, when I met a fateful accident that made me change my view in life.

January 21, 2011.
I was walking on a street with two friends. Much to my curiosity, electricity was cut when we were supposed to celebrate the birthday of another friend. It was also raining hard so I was walking with my umbrella since I don't want to get sick.

Then the unexpected happened. As I was walking on the side of the streets, I was bumped by a motorcycle from behind. The impact was great that my body arched before hitting the floor. Since I was taken off guard, my head hit the concrete floor twice. If not for my right foot pinned down by the motorcycle's front wheel, I would have literally flown upon getting hit.

Then my vision went blank.

The next thing I knew, my friends are already around me and they brought me to the hospital. I couldn't walk for two weeks, and had to literally drag myself to everywhere I needed to go.

It was an excruciating experience, for I really felt useless.

January 21, 2012.
I literally spent the whole day on my room. I excused myself from the family and told them that I am busy working on some articles - which is partly true. I dissed some invites from friends to go out because I feared to leave home.

Yes, the trauma of this day is still haunting me. I do joke about it, but I cannot deny the fact that I do fear this date. However, the fact that my life has been extended to a year already brought me a lot of pleasant realizations about life.

When I was brought home after being treated in the hospital that night, I realized that life really is short. No one knows what will happen next. So all that is left to do is to learn from the past, enjoy the present and look forward to the future. There is no use brooding over yesterday's mistakes. Having fun is all that matters, because there is no assurance that life will not end the following day.

I know I'm being morbid with the thought; but we all just have to consider the truth that we don't own our lives. If God decides to take it back, we have no other choice but to succumb. So it is better to live each day as if it's your last.

Probably, it's the incident that happened a year ago that made me who I am right now. As I constantly tell others, I no longer want to do things planned. I want to act based on my instincts because I trust them enough to know that if I thought of one thing, that is what I really wanted to do.

Some people could call me careless and a happy-go-lucky. But you see, if what I wanted to do turn out to be right, I will be thankful and happy. If it turn otherwise, then I would just have to learn from it and continue living my life. As I've said, there's no use living on mistakes. They're there to serve as motivations - to teach us lessons; not to hinder us from going to where we want to go.

I know I'm sounding so preachy and all, but I guess that's what happens to people whose lives are just extended. I am merely sharing you my experiences so that you no longer have to go through what I went through just for you to realize these things.

Life is so short to be wasted on senseless things, after all. So let's all be happy. =)

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