Enjoy the Trip, Tado.

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As I am the type of person who goes for humor and intelligence than looks, such preference carries on to my choice of artists. And in the Philippines, there is only a few celebrities I look up to - people who I see are not just sincerely devoted to their chosen craft, but are sensible enough to last in the industry.

That is why it took me by surprise when I learned of what happened to Tado Jimenez. A bus fell off a ravine in Bontoc, Mountaine Province and unfortunately, he is one of the casualties. According to reports, he died on the spot and his body was identified by the police after seeing his identification card.

Apparently, Tado, or Arvin Jimenez in real life, was on his way to Bontoc with some friends from the industry (Gerard Baja & David Sicam). I don't know if it's for work or for an adventurous vacation, but on his last post in Instgram, it was evident that he's excited for this 'long, long trip'.

And it turned out that it's indeed a long trip they're going to.

I don't personally know Tado, nor have I met him before. But he's definitely one of the people in the industry who managed to earn my respect. His humor was natural and I think that's quite rare among comedians today. His ability did not even lie on the way his looks nor the way he speaks. He made people laugh through his statements which were always an enticing mix of humor and sense.

What I admire most about him is talent in making people laugh and learn at the same time. I may have known him a little late than others but his radio program Brewrats had been my refuge after grueling Thesis classes during college. Alongside Angel Rivero and Ramon Bautista, Tado definitely brought be entertainment and knowledge and expanded my vocabulary. Their trio introduced me to a brand new kind of radio entertainment which I thought had long been forgotten.

Another thing I liked most about Tado was his dedication to making a difference in this world. He was an activities for so long and he didn't deny it. He even admitted once that he used to cover his face just to attend protests without being recognized. Later on, he decided to run for baranggay councilor position though I have no clue if he won.

The more important things though are his campaign for changes in the society. He took part in movements for the preservation of nature, of our culture, and the reinstatement of values among Filipinos. He supported protests against corruption and inhumane (sorry for the word but I mean this!) government norms that leads to sky-high lists of social problems. Just recently, he even spearheaded activities to help the victims of Typhoon Yolanda.

All in all, he was an instrument of change, and not all people would bravely step out in the open to do that.

I'm not saying Tado's perfect. He certainly wasn't. He had his own shares of controversies too, but I think his simplicity and humility prevailed more. And for that I am proud to call myself his fan.

Now that he's gone physically, his legacy will begin to high for sure. He had served as a good example to everyone, particularly to the youth; and that - I believe - is what totally matters. And I know that even when time passes by, he will never be forgotten.

Because there can only be one Tado. Definitely.

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