All Out

It's December and it's the last month of the year. And I have decided that I'm going all out. The last month will be like the test whether I've learned anything this year.

And proudly, there is a lot.

2013 has been a serious rollercoaster ride. I've dealt with new beginnings and endings, deaths and new lives. It is a year where major changes manifested and it had brought me to extremes. But you know what the best thing is? I have found myself capable of being the person I've always wanted to be. Sure, there are some more things to work out on but I'm glad to know that I'm way past the first phase of construction. I have improved.

December means Christmas and Christmas means honesty and generosity. So this month, I am giving back to people I owe most to: my family and friends. They deserve it after all.

As for the literal 'all out' idea, it has something to do with doing something for others. During this month, I expect myself to put my A+ character on everything. No room for mistakes. Go for the best. Squeeze my mind for the most creative ideas.

Geez. Just thinking about it makes me excited. ♥

Happy December, everyone!