Another Christmas Well-Spent

When Yolanda happened, I promised myself that I would lessen my Christmas shopping. I wanted to partake in their sufferings, after all. Little did I know that the 'less' would actually turn to 'nothing at all'. Work and other responsibilities caught me off guard, not to mention that I was suddenly tight on budget, that I wasn't able to find time for my own personal interests.

I realized this yesterday on Christmas Day. I was staring at my closet, wondering what exactly to wear. There are lots in my closet and I just couldn't decide. A little, I felt incomplete. I've grown up used to having something brand new for this day.

It was uncomfortable; but looking at the brighter side, it was fulfilling.

It's no longer just because I have stayed true to my words about Yolanda. It's the more important fact that I have proven myself that Christmas doesn't equate to spending money on new clothes, gifts and other stuffs. It's not about having different sets of meals sprawled on the dining table. It's not even how much 'aginaldo' you receive from people/

Christmas is about simplicity. Christ, the King, was born on a manger in the city of Bethlehem. He was born in the company of donkeys and sheep. There were no royal announcements about His birth. People didn't even know their King had been born then already.

If Jesus was born on simplicity, why are we spending His birthday in luxury?

I had a great lunch at a friend's house with our other friends. Family came to our house afterwards and we took pictures of the kids. Friends came over in the evening and we had a really, really great time.

I was given the privilege to celebrate this season in the best way possible.

What a wonderful way to end this year. ♥

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