Because We All Need a Daily Dose of Guidance


So here is a prayer from The Valley of Vision (Arthur G. Benett, 1975). It is basically my favorite morning prayer as it helps me with my work. It's quite a long one, considering that many just do the sign of the cross and say 'thank you for waking me up' upon fluttering their eyes open; but it's a good one. 

To be honest, I call this prayer a plea for miracle. It's like magic to me. On days I say this prayer, I always become productive and fulfilled. On days that I don't, I am completely lethargic. I know it's just a state of mind, but somehow, that leads me to believing that this prayer really helps.

That's why I share this to you. I should have posted this in the morning so you may start the week right; but you have everyday to say it. It's in a .JPG format so you just can save it on your smartphones. 

There are lots of things we can do to keep our heads in our work. Exercise, coffee, a short stroll in the park - all these help in boosting our energy and I commend those who have discovered them. But it takes faith to keep going and I want everyone to realize that if you do things with God's guidance and for His greater glory, you would eventually find the likable things in your job and you'll never have to work again.

So pray and then do what everyone tells you to do. Good luck.

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