When the Right Love becomes Wrong

People say that love changes people. No complaints on that. I do believe that a lot of times, it makes people better and turns this world into a more beautiful place to live in. But sometimes, it does the opposite, and everytime that happens, it costs us a lot.

Unconditional love could also be cruel. For the sake of someone we care for so much, we end up forgetting the littlest details that led us to where we are. Because we're capable of loving completely already, we end up losing ourselves in that vast dimension - becoming inappropriately sensitive in the process - that we end up forgetting the small things we used to love. Our hearts get preoccupied with the bigger things that we fail to realize that that love is not just the only kind of love in this world. We become too immersed to the idea that we are capable of giving unconditional love that we end up forgetting that we're not the only ones who can give it.

I guess I'll never be able to understand but I find it hypocritical when people throw away everything just so they could keep up to the definition of love they have managed to come up with. For me, it is a waste when people base their meaning on something that is completely at the expense of others. It makes me wonder, is this how we're really supposed to live this virtue?

True, I may not know how to love unconditionally, but I believe I receive my fair share of it from my parents; so I know. Unconditional love is understandably impossible to explain but ridiculously hurting and stepping on other people's dignity every time wouldn't prove the point any better.

Because love, if built on a mountain of doubts and foolish assumptions, will never be love at all.

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