Seeing My Parents' Worth

Now that everything I've dreaded is happening, I am trying to find even just a good thing from all these heartaches. I know that everything happens for a reason and God allows me to go through it because I have to learn something. And I think I have finally realized what I should have realized ages ago.

Parents are priceless.

This is pure drama when we think about it, but I thought of the same. I thought that I do not need to show my affection towards my parents because at the end of each day, they will still love me for what I am. But you know what? When I saw how my mom is taking care of my grandmother, I realized that there will come a time that I will be like my mom and my mom will be like my lola. That's how life is, after all. I should just be prepared.

And you know, a part of preparation is to let them know how much I love them and how much I appreciate each and every thing they do for me. I literally owe them my life so while there is time, I have to give back to whatever they have sacrificed for me.

I know this is selfish and kinda stupid to think but I'm now seeing things without my lola in the picture. You know, it's difficult to accept but sooner or later, it's gonna happen so I might as well prepare myself already. Thinking this way doesn't mean I don't love her. I do, so much. But I do not want to get so hurt. I know she's ready to leave, and I might as well be ready.

So as I clean the house this morning, I saw the little space where their bed is (in the first floor) and I realized that I want to get a small room constructed there for them. I could already, anyway. I just have to work hard. And then, I will have that air-conditioned, and there should be a television with cable channel, a DVD player, and lots of Korean dramas and war movies.

And then I will work hard to buy them plane tickets. I want my dad to experience how it is to ride a plane. Bohol? Davao? Palawan? I don't know where yet, but as soon as I can, I promise I'll bring the whole family to a vacation.

Then I'll make sure that all their birthdays will be celebrated. I will let them invite their friends over the house and make sure that they'll have lots of fun. As early as now, I want to value family more so even though I don't really like it, I should let their relatives come to the house for some parties.

I want them to just relax. I do not want to see them cleaning the house, doing the laundry, or making market trips. I want to be the one to do that; if not, I'll get others to do that. I will pay for a house-helper if it's not too much.

And lastly, I want them to just keep their money for themselves. Just like how Mama did it with Lola, I will keep all their money so that if time comes that they need that for medicine, we know where to get it.

I know I'm thinking so much but you see, these are the only things I can do for my parents. I love them so much, and now that I learned that separation with them is inevitable, I want to make the best out of everyday we're together.

This isn't really something worth reading. But for some who are able to understand my poiint, I know that reading an account of someone else isn't really that convincing. But it's better to take me for example so that you will not waste time in disregarding the people you owe your lives to.