Meycauayan Spots: Our Kitchen

Really. There is not much to go to in Meycauayan, as believed by a lot of people. As it is the closest Bulacan town in Manila, many would just opt to spend a little more time travelling to get to where everyone prefers to go to.

But as I am very lazy when it comes to travelling, I try to find the best spots in my town so I wouldn't have to go far... And one of my most recent finds is OUR KITCHEN, a newly-established Italian restaurant owned by a pair of entrepreneurs (French and Filipino). I think that explains the copy 'where East meets West', yes?

 The prices are quite cheap if compared to other Italian restaurants I've tried before. ^^ Pasta and pizza are, of course, the specialties. But rice meals are also superb. I tried the ribs before and I loved it.^^ 

They also have this Our Kitchen white/red wine (with 30%+ alcohol content). 
85php per glass? not bad. 
photo by Kuya Caloi

Wintermelon tea... I couldn't remember what its taste reminded me of until Norman pointed out that it tastes like alateris.

HAM PIZZAAAAAAAAA!!!! *love love love!*

 Two of my most favorite men in the world. :) 
Accountant Caloi and Engineer Norman. ^^

The ceiling was cute. It looked like stools hung upside down. 
And the lighting made the space... cozy. <3

The bar. <3 The simplicity reminds me so much of Subspace.
But of course, they're different. :p
The two men behind the counter are the owners. The blond one is a friend of my friend.

I wasn't able to take a picture of it when it was served because we dug in instantly.
Chicken Pesto!!!!

Pesto Pizza. 
I swear, we didn't realize that our meals were very redundant.

A nice lamp in the corner

There was a performer outside, singing Jazz songs. :)

Our Kitchen is located at 2nd flr. Esperanza Mall, McArthur Hi-way, Meycauayan City. It is located just beside the jeepney terminal to Sto. NiƱo, and in front of Goldilocks.

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