GUNITA: A Blessed Opportunity

I wasn't supposed to be a part of this. I thought I would just be on the side supporting Luwi and Kuya Marvin as they take part in this ambitious (in a good way) activity. But everything dissolved when I received a message from A.D. Acebedo, the head of the organizing team, to design the official poster of the event. I did, and everything began.

To my surprise, Kuya Marvin announced my being the 'official photographer' of the event. Well, I promised to be there for the opening but I never really thought of having that title since we never talked about it. But as I came to realize, God really must have acted out His plans that I ended up taking the responsibility. It wasn't that difficult anyway since photography is really my passion, but it felt an honor nonetheless. 

To be a part of something this big is like a manifestation of the huge blessings God is constantly bestowing upon me. In the three days I spent with the group, I felt like I wasn't even worthy - especially that I don't own an image; but that was thrown aside when I look back to the recent past and realize that if I'm not worthy, would I have earned the trust this people gave me?

It's beyond amazing how God worked His magic again on me. Prior to this stint, I was doubting my abilities. I was feeling so lethargic, tired and burnt out. I wanted something new that would take me off the usual things in my life. And this happened and I am really beyond grateful.

I don't know if it's okay to partake on it, but when it was concluded that the exhibit was a success, I felt so proud of myself and the group. Frankly speaking, it is not easy to find people who knows what they're doing and what they're doing these kinds of things for. I mean, not everyone knows what these images are for exactly, right? But these people do; and I'm glad that I learned a lot from them. Fr. Ron said before that it is already a good thing when there's even one person whose faith was strengthened through this activity, and looking at my own self now, I think a good thing just indeed happened.

A while ago, I was talking to my friend when she told me that my mom was rather amused at how I was the past few days. Normally, she would go crazy over the fact that I am always in a rush, that I'm always leaving the house and I always go home late, and that I seldom get to help in the house chores. But as we were preparing for this exhibit, Mama told my friend that it's amazing how I seem to enjoy it despite the sleepless nights and endless panic. That's when I knew that Mama is beginning to understand my way of service. That's a blessing. 

And I have this event to thank. :)

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