St. Francis, Here are Thy Servants...

the teacher. the writer. the hotelier. the government worker. the banker. the priest (hehe).

I know I should be blogging about what happened yesterday; but to be honest, ideas won't flow well until I get to write about the people behind the event. I haven't slept well yet but excitement rushes in so please just excuse me if I'm gonna come up with a mess or sound like I'm kissing my own ass in this article.

Anyway, in the picture above is the Documentation and Design Team of the recently concluded Feast of St. Francis of Assisi. We were the ones responsible for La Voz de Dios, the exhibit about the Meycauayan belfry and its bells. We were also the ones in charge of taking pictures and videos, and some design stuffs needed for the event.

We are a team, but more than that... we are friends.

To be honest, the whole preparation season for the feast day wasn't as smooth as everyone must have thought. We ran out of time. We ran out of ideas. We ran out of physical energy. But I guess, when you offer your distraught, sufferings, and fatigue to give back and strengthen your faith with your friends who have the same endeavor, things will eventually fall into its proper places.

Up to this point that I haven't actually slept that much yet, it still feels amazing how we got to do what we did yesterday and the past months. If I had not been involved with these people,  I wonder if I could even get to come up with something as grand as what we planned. Friends really do help each other, and in our case, one is just so essential. 

I know a lot of things had happened yesterday but I still feel thankful to God and to St. Francis that I got the chance to take part in this exciting milestone of the parish. More than that, I feel intensely grateful that I got the chance to work with Kuya Ron (not in the picture), Kuya Marvin, Sir Robby, Celine, Luwi and Tina for something as big as this. 

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